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Wildlife Management Units

iHunter puts the WMU boundaries right at your finger tips.

The WMUs are color-coded and placed over the built-in map service on your mobile device, so you can always tell exactly which WMU you are in. Click on the number for a WMU to get more detailed information about it and find links to the published regulations. You can also configure the map to only show the WMUs that are most important to you and hide the clutter.

Game Seasons

For each WMU there is a detailed list of all game seasons.

It’s easier than ever to get details of the big game seasons for exactly where you are. iHunter also includes the season information for bears and cougars, and all of the bag limits for game birds.


iHunter makes it easy to customize the map for your own personal hunting experience. Add a waypoint at any location you want to easily add a title, description, and photo. Location data can be added in any of the following ways:

  • At your current location
  • At the center of the map
  • Input a specific Lat/Long
  • Input GPS coordinates

You can use custom waypoints to remember important locations, store land owner contacts, photograph memorable kills, or anything else you want to make note of. And go back to edit or remove them at any time.

Sun Calculator

Check the included sunrise/sunset calculator to know how much hunting time is still available. The calculator will display the sunrise/sunset times and hunting start/stop times based on your specific time and place. No more need to look up times in a complicated table.


It’s easy to let others know about how much you love iHunter.

You can quickly send an email to your friends or loved ones letting them know your precise location. Put their minds at ease with lat/long coordinates and a handy link to Google Maps.

Use Twitter to share your waypoint descriptions and photos. Or to brag about great spots you’ve found. And don’t worry, we don’t include anything about your location. Your spots stay right on your phone unless you choose to share them.